The Firm aggressively works to obtain money damages in settlements and jury verdicts as compensation for its clients who have been hurt (or killed) in numerous types of accidents. We seek monetary compensation for their past, present and possibly future pain and suffering as well as suing, where appropriate, for client’s loss of property, loss of income from being injured and/or disabled, and for their overall loss of enjoyment of life.

Extensive experience defending every kind of these cases for over 25 years on behalf of insurance companies makes the Firm uniquely positioned to handle plaintiffs’ cases successfully. Injured persons already know (or should realize) that the insurance companies will retain competent attorneys to oppose their injury/accident claim. Level the playing field by hiring counsel who know how the insurers think, assess, defend and negotiate to represent you and/or your loved ones.

The Firm handles:

  • Auto accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Trip and fall/slip and fall accidents
  • Construction site accidents to workers and/or passerby's
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Liability accidents - caused by a defective product
  • Assault and battery
  • Libel/slander/defamation of character
  • Exposure to toxic mold/lead paint
  • Sexual Harassment

For anyone who has had the misfortune to be injured, it's best to meet as soon as possible, to maximize the odds for a successful outcome. This is a specialized legal area best served by someone with years of expertise and experience needed to accurately assess whether a particular accident presents a case worth pursuing. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can assess on your own if you have a claim/case worth bringing and don’t rely on others who lack long experience in this specialized area of practice to counsel you.     

A consultation with our offices can determine if a meritorious legal claim exists.  We do not charge for personal injury consulations.

We also travel to meet clients who are house or hospital bound due to an injury. Even if you think you were partially at fault for an accident, you may still have a worthwhile case, but only by letting a qualified attorney review the situation can this be determined. (If we don’t believe a particular situation is worth taking on, we will also explain why, so that you leave more informed than when you arrived.)

Be aware that there are various time limits to legally file and maintain personal injury claims and suits, including some very short deadlines for putting insurers on notice of accidents in order to ensure a particular claim or suit will be covered by them.

Fees:  The Firm offers free consultations for personal injury cases to let us determine whether or not a potential client has a case worth pursuing. If we do think a case is worth pursuing, we typically will offer to take it on as a contingency matter (meaning we only get fees in the form of an agreed percentage of the recovery and only get paid if we are successful in the claim). We also typically front all expenses for bringing a case and then recover those costs at the end of the case.bridgemedia | Home