Since 1997, the Firm has represented employees with claims of discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, national origin and more recently (as the laws have been evolving), sexual orientation. The employment law practice also involves issues of fair pay, employment benefits and severance agreements.

We encourage employees who suspect they may have been wrongfully terminated, and those who may not yet be terminated but fear that a job termination is coming, to meet with us to better understand their legal rights and to have a safe place to fully discuss their situation and possible options going forward. 
We fully understand and are sympathetic to the emotional stresses employees endure when they have been fired or feel they are at risk of being fired or feel that they are being actively targeted for a demotion.  

Employment is a very personal experience and a difficult manager or hostile work environment can rob you of self esteem and hence your best chances for economic survival by literally preventing you thinking clearly and thereby from acting in your own best interests. The Firm is a resource for you to find out your rights and to assist you in thinking clearly.

Fees:  We offer consultations for initial employment client meetings for a set fee without a time limit on this initial meeting. Many people find that this single initial meeting helps them even if they do not continue as clients of the Firm for further representation.

Subsequent work on any employment matter is either for a set flat fee or set hourly rates. In some selected matters, we may also agree to a hybrid combination of hourly rates and contingency fee rates.  All fees are arranged in advance so there are no surprises.

All sexual harassment matters are handled as pure contingency fee cases (meaning the Firm does not request any fees from you until and unless it recovers on your behalf, at which time it is paid a previously agreed percentage of the overall recovery).url clone | Nike nike huarache paris for sale by owner craigslist , Gov