Commercial disputes arise because two or more parties agreed on some deal/financial transaction with one another and then the deal (and very often, their relationship with one another) “soured”.  As a result, a dispute has now developed.  Typically this dispute concerns what the previously agreed deal actually was and/or how circumstances have now changed so that one party or the other feels unfairly treated and economically injured.

Commercial claims may, or may not, involve a written agreement. 

They are intimately related to the particular business(es) and deal(s) that one side or the other feels may have been breached. One client may need to sue to recover money while another may be a defendant being sued who needs protection from unfair claims.

Using skills developed in long years of litigation practice and dispute resolution, including the negotiation and settlements of hundreds if not thousands of individual cases, the Firm can help clients who are making claims as well as those who need help defending  themselves. We handle both litigation and non-litigation problems; we write contracts to help prevent problems and agreements to resolve problems that have come up. We listen closely to our clients so as to understand as much of their particular business model as possible and tailor our legal services to each client’s specific needs, interests and budget.

Meeting with us to review situations and concerns often allows us to suggest "win-win" scenarios with limited legal costs for our clients.

Where the Firm's clients need us to fight commercial battles on their behalf because a negotiated resolution is simply not presenting itself, we are well skilled to take on those fights – all the way to trial if need be.

Fees:  We handle all commercial litigation for competitive hourly rates based on the particular matter involved.Running sneakers | kd shoes valentines day Retro High OG University Blue - Gov