Too often, one hears the complaint that the attorneys are more interested in creating disputes and then billing their clients for expensive litigation than they should be.  It is often heard from business clients especially, that their lawyers transform simple problems into complicated ones that seem to enrich the attorneys more than helping the client(s).

We favor self-help of clients, especially the ones who are naturally inclined to handle their own disputes.

Accordingly, we offer counsel and advice on an "as needed" basis for those clients seeking to use us as a combination sounding board/analysis and advice resource, with the client deciding how much, or how little, assistance may be needed.  This type of service can be in the area of  Employment Law as well as in Commercial Litigation.  This service, which involves our asking many questions and then “brainstorming” with you has been found to be extremely useful for many clients.  The ideal client for this type of service are persons/small businesses who primarily expect to represent themselves in all dealings, but who strengthen their abilities to do so via behind the scenes counseling meeting with us.

We can assist in your developing better strategies for dealing with employers, employees, business partners, business competitors, insurance question and contract questions.

We especially focus on the psychology of how decisions get made and hence, how to try to speak and act to fulfill your most important goals.

Fees: All work for analysis, strategy, negotiations is performed for agreed hourly rates.Sports News | Nike Air Max 2090 Erkek Beyaz Spor Ayakkabı Erkek Spor Ayakkabı & Sneaker 3958756 , Idae